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Cotton Labels

  • Starting at 100 for only 53.9563,28€651,02Kr
  • Eco-friendly cotton (100%)
  • Easy to design instantly online

The Wunderlabel Difference

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Eco-friendly cotton (100%)

100% Customisable

100% Customisable

Personalize with your own text, a symbol and choice of colors

Best Value

Best Value

Save more when you order more with volume pricing starting at £0.45 per piece

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

Rush order with UPS Express: We will fulfill your order as a priority and it will reach you 2-3 working days after dispatch from our production facility.

Cotton Labels with Text & Symbol

Our premium cotton labels are made of 100% cotton. The professional flexographic printing ensures bright colours and a sharp print that does not fade even at high washing temperatures. Design your personalised labels in our configurator and give your products a high quality finish!


  • Available in 9 different sizes: 60/70/80 mm x 15/20/30 mm 
  • Eco-friendly cotton (100%)
  • Machine washable up to 90°C and tumble dryer safe
  • 10 different print colours for you to choose from

What Can Custom Cotton Labels Be Used for?

Many designers opt for cotton labels for clothing or a cotton care label not just for the unique look but also for purely practical reasons: they are easy to sew in, durable, flexible and soft on the skin. The natural material makes these labels the obvious choice for increasingly popular eco-friendly products and can be applied to bedding, furniture, garments, accessories and much more. 
Our custom cotton labels are not just for professionals: crafters and DIY enthusiasts love them for their earthy feel and look that pair perfectly with handmade items.
And it’s up to you how you personalise them! Add a slogan, your logo, contact details, care instructions or just a sweet message. 

How Are Printed Cotton Labels Produced?

Your personalised design is printed onto a 100% cotton ribbon. We use a professional flexographic printing process that ensures your text looks sharp on the natural beige background and doesn’t fade. The water based eco-friendly ink is pressed onto the cotton by running the fabric through multiple cylinders. The printed cotton labels are then individually blade cut so that they are ready to be applied to your product the moment you receive them.
Since natural materials like cotton cannot be sealed by heat cutting you will notice some fraying at the raw edges. The labels will need to be folded at both ends before being sewn onto your item, or they can be folded in the middle and the raw edges sewn into a seam.

What Are the Care Instructions for Cotton Labels for clothing?

Our cotton labels for clothing are the definition of easy care. There is a good reason why cotton is so widely used: it is one of the most resilient materials around in spite of being soft and flexible.
Wash them and tumble dry them over and over again: the labels won’t lose shape and the print doesn’t bleed or fade. 
Perfect for any items that need to be washed at a high temperature, like protective masks, as they can be safely laundered up to 90°C!

How to Make Printed Cotton Labels (UK)?

Designing your own printed cotton label could not be easier! The Wunderlabel online configurator will help you turn your vision into reality by guiding you through a few easy steps. 
We have what you need when it comes to printed cotton labels: UK  customers can choose from a variety of sizes and from 10 vibrant print colours that will stand out on the beautiful natural cream shade of the 100% cotton fabric.
You can either upload a file with your personal design, or simply enter up to 3 rows of text and add up to 4 symbols from our selection. 
Just choose the product that is right for you.


Printed Cotton Labels with Text & Symbol:

  • Available in 60/70/80  x 15/20/30 mm
  • Enter your text in the configurator and choose matching symbols
  • Minimum order 100  pieces

Design your personalised cotton labels in our configurator!

Printed Cotton Labels with Logo:

  • Customisable size (10 - 200 mm)
  • Upload your logo or artwork online
  • Minimum order 100 pieces

Design your personalised  cotton labels with your logo in our configurator!

Choose the Best Wunderlabel for Your Needs

Wunderlabel offers more than just cotton labels for clothing! You can find many alternatives in our online shop in a range of sizes and materials with an array of additional options to ensure that all your needs are met.
Instead of printed cotton name labels you might consider a smooth printed satin label with an elegant sheen, also available with your own logo or artwork
Or take things to the next level with our incredibly popular personalised woven labels: these high quality 100% polyester tags are woven to your exact specifications and individually heat cut to avoid any fraying. Best of all, they are made from at least 90% recycled materials! 
All our products, including hang tags, ribbon and plastic swipe cards as well, are made in our very own Wunderlabel factory to the highest standards. Because we produce everything ourselves we can fully guarantee the quality of our products and ensure fair working conditions. 
If you would like to know more about our vision and how we have chosen to run our business, have a look at the dedicated “About Us” page.

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