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By Annabelle Short on 06/14/2017

The UK's Best DIY Bloggers

The UK's Best DIY Bloggers 

Scrolling Pinterest for design ideas is all well and good, but what happens when it's time to take those boards full of pins and turn them into a chic, modern home interior, or a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift, or a sweet and functional nursery? Sometimes, you just need a bit more advice, and that's where a blogger can save the day, sparing you the trouble of trial-and-error-ing your way through a project. With humor, common sense, and personal experience, these ten blogs can help you with your next DIY adventure, whether it's creating an accent wall or throwing a Pinterest-worthy party. Check them out:

 1. The Ordinary Lovely

Award-winning blogger Rachel created The Ordinary Lovely as a reminder to herself as much as to her followers to slow down and appreciate the little things that make a day, a home, a moment that much sweeter. Her ideas for small and simple changes, like a bright bunch of fresh flowers, add instant appeal to any room. Don't miss her crafts page! With two young children of her own, she's got DIY projects both for children's spaces, and for the kids themselves to take part in.

2. Lobster and Swan

Lobster and Swan is the creation of photographer and designer Jeska, whose earthy, natural, and sustainable design aesthetic is a refreshing change for those tired of sleek, ultramodern interiors. Her blog focuses largely on interior design, but in addition to the gorgeous inspiration of the spaces she's created herself, you'll also find plenty of tips, tricks, and tutorials for creating a similar look in your own home. You can even browse her line of sustainable housewares at The Future Kept.

3. Apartment Apothecary

Katy Orme's goal with Apartment Apothecary is to "make your home feel better," and she's certainly succeeding! She is an award-winning, self-taught designer whose simple style tips, DIY mentality, and small-budget, big-impact makeovers can help any space get over a serious case of the borings. Be sure to check out her nursery makeover— her daughter, Mimi, was born just this past January!

 4.Swoon Worthy

This is a blog that certainly lives up to its name! The brainchild of Kimberly Duran, Swoon Worthy is the home of "eclectic boho glam," Duran's signature style sensibility. Featuring lots of gold accents, textural fabrics, and vintage and bohemian inspirations, Duran creates interiors that are both glamorously chic and easily accessible. Her DIY tips range from IKEA hacks and craft projects to simple centerpieces and art ideas, all of which can be created on a modest budget!

5.Simply The Nest

Alice and her husband Andre are completely remodeling a gorgeous Victorian home in South Manchester, and documenting the process as they go on Alice's blog, Simply The Nest. From advice on designing and building an addition (their number 1 tip: work with the pros) to choosing and applying wallpaper, if you're in the process of feathering your own nest, be sure to check out their handy tips and tricks.


When Antonia Ludden started her blog as "Tidy Away Today" in 2012, she was simply documenting her DIY furniture makeovers and interior design hacks. In the years since, it's evolved into #tidylife, an award-winning juggernaut that covers everything from recipes and shopping tips to—of course—designing your perfect home. Her design aesthetic is sleek and modern, but with a hint of vintage coziness to keep spaces from looking stark.

 7. And Who Says You Can't?

Have you ever been paging through a magazine, or scrolling through Pinterest, looking at beautiful homes and perfectly decorated rooms and sighed, "I could never do that"? And Who Says You Can't? blogger Helen asks. Her thrifty makeovers and family-friendly DIYs are the perfect starting point for anyone interested in getting their hands dirty and trying something a little bit challenging. She includes plenty of ideas just for the kids as well!

 8. Papermash

Lynne first began blogging at Tea for Joy, but the more she read and worked with other bloggers, the more fantastic artists and and designers she discovered. She founded Papermash as a way to feature their work, so not only can you get amazing ideas for gifts, wrapping, displays, and organisation on the Papermash blog, you can also buy all the lovely artisanal papers and products she uses to create them right on the site as well!

 9. The Upcyclist

Antonia Edwards began The Upcyclist in 2011, after she saw the whimsical art pieces her friend, illustrator Sophie Crichton, created using salvaged furniture. These "upcycled" pieces became the inspiration for Edwards' blog, where she features environmentally friendly design ideas focused on reducing waste and using renewable and recyclable —or upcycle-able—materials. You'll also find green living tips and tricks for everything from dining out to hitting the shops to traveling the world!

 10. Remade in Britain

Perhaps not a blog in the strictest sense, Remade in Britain is nevertheless a treasure trove of resources for anyone looking to take junk shop finds and transform them into one-of-a-kind pieces. The goal of the site is to connect environmentally-conscious shoppers with crafters and artisans who are upcycling unwanted household items into new creations. In addition to serving as a marketplace, you'll also find plenty of tips and tricks from these professional crafters that you can use in your own makeovers.

What do you think? Feeling inspired? If you're ready to makeover a room, craft some handmade gifts for friends and family, or even just make a few new throw pillows, these blogs will spare you the hassle of searching for ideas and researching the skills, products, and resources you'll need to bring your ideas to life. Do you have other favorite DIY blogs to share? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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