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By Wunderlabel on 02/07/2020

Tutorial: How to knit a headband or ear warmer | Image

Tutorial: How to knit a headband or ear warmer

When it’s cool outside and the sun is shining, you may not feel like wearing a warm hat. That’s the time when a self-knitted headband with your own leather label is the perfect solution. Not only does it look pretty, you can also make it really fast in one evening. In this free knitting tutorial, we show you how to easily knit a headband or ear warmer in moss stitch.

Material for knitting a simple headband

  • Knitting a headband (for a head circumference of ca. 57 cm) is the perfect way to use up any leftover wool you might have.
  • 25 g Woll Butt Aqua (75 % virgin wool, 25 % polyamide 100 g = ca. 420 m) or a similar type of wool with color gradient
  • 3.5 mm knitting needle (bamboo)
  • Your wn leather label


36 stitches / 44 rows = 10 cm (according to manufacturer)

In this case, knitting with a 3.5 mm (bamboo) needle makes 34 stitches / 40 rows = 10 cm

Knitting pattern “moss stitch”

You will use the moss stitch to make the headband:

1st row and 2nd row (back row): knit 1, purl 1, knit 1 etc.

3rd row and 4th row (back row): purl 1, knit 1, purl 1 etc.

Switch after each back row, make the edge stitches in the pattern they appear in.

Instructions: How to knit a simple headband/ear warmer

Measure the head circumference, here we have ca. 57 cm, but do occasionally place the knitting around the head to make sure it doesn’t end up getting too long.

You make the first piece like you would a scarf: Pick up 40 stitches, which should be 50 cm in length, and work in the pattern above.

How to knit a simple headband/ear warmer in moss stitch - Measuring the knitting

After that, you make the slim piece – 5 stitches in knit 1 purl 1 until ca. 6-7 cm in length.

Now you make a small ring by placing the large piece underneath the slim piece and closing the slim piece to form a ring along the middle of the large piece (knitting the ends of the slim piece together).

How to knit a simple headband/ear warmer in moss stitch - Knitting the ends together

Then you sew up the remaining threads and align the simple headband according to your taste, i.e. you can move the small ring where you want it to be. It’s best if you adjust it according to the colors.

to knit a headband ear warmer

Finally, you can sew your own leather label on your headband/ear warmer, which you can design yourself and purchase through Wunderlabel. Wearing this little self-knitted eye-catcher with a personal touch is all the more fun. It’s also a wonderful gift idea.

How to knit a simple headband/ear warmer in moss stitch - Leather Label - Wunderlabel