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By Annabelle Short on 03/07/2017

The Top 12 of the Cutest Beanie Trends to Crochet

The Top 12 of the Cutest Beanie Trends to Crochet 

Feel warm and still look good with a gorgeous crocheted beanie! Nobody can ignore the chill in the air and the overwhelming need to wrap up warm. Whether you’re confident at crochet or just starting out, you’ll find a huge number of patterns available to start making a collection of fabulous beanies.

And the great thing about beanies? They look great in chunky or thinner wool, patterned or plain, and in any colour. Of course, a beanie can be for all seasons.

Here’s some fantastically cute beanie trends for you to crochet. I’ve tried to find as many UK links as possible but if you choose a US pattern, follow this link for conversion tips.

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 1. Easy-Peasy Beanie

Beautiful and, as advertised by, “easy-peasy”, this is a brilliant pattern for a beginner at crocheting. It’s also perfect for using as a base to add your own embellishments. The pattern is downloadable in a variety of sizes too so you won’t have to work out how to make it shrink or grow.

2. Simple Crochet Hat

Another great pattern for a beginner, this time posted by  The Stitch Sharer. A simple yet effective crocheted beanie that basically contrasts squares in the main body of the hat with a circular flower embellishment to create an eye-catching design.

3. Easy Crochet Beanie Hat

A simple yet effective design, this easy crochet beanie hat pattern from Ecozee is ideal for older children and adults. With the basic stripe pattern, it’ll be easy to create this beanie in a child’s favourite colours and to suit both men and women.

4. Bella Coco Crochet Beanie Hat

If you’re looking for something more than a simple beanie, take a look at Bella Coco’s pattern. By half-trebling into the back loop of stitches, the pattern creates a series of ridges giving the beanie hat a depth of dimension. With an 11 minute video tutorial as well as written instructions, Bella Coco couldn’t have made it any easy for you to create your own crocheted beanie! Suggestions for personalising your beanie are also included for an easy heads-up on making your hat unique!

5. Super Chunky Hat

I absolutely love this Super Chunky Hat from Jessie at Home! The size of the needle and thickness of the yarn mean that you’ll be able to whip up this beanie in no time at all. It looks fabulous on adults and children, and the simple addition of plain yarn wrapped through the bottom loops for the children’s version is a super effective way of creating a younger look. A beautiful accessory to top off your outfit on a chilly day!

 6. Friendly Frog Hat

This is just adorable! Delightful on babies and fun for older children and adults. Cre8tionCrochet has worked out all the sizes for you, from 0-3 month to adult. If you’re a member of Ravelry you can download the patterns in different sizes but if you don’t have membership it’s no problem, the whole pattern is downloadable as a free PDF. The pattern is easy to follow as it’s written as a tutorial with photographs to help you as you crochet.

7. Aurora Butterfly Hat

Designed just for babies, this beautifully cute butterfly beanie is created with beginners in mind. Kristi Simpson has included a downloadable PDF of the pattern as well as the instructions featured in the blog post. This will be gorgeous on your own baby or would make a lovely gift for someone.

8. Summer Beanie

Beanie’s are great in the winter when you really need to warm up and feel cosy but they’re also a brilliantly useful accessory in the Summer time. Keeping your hair under control on a breezy summer’s day, you’ll be able to enjoy picnics on the beach or leisurely strolls in the woodlands without the hassle of repeatedly sweeping hair from your face. Made with cotton, the lightweight beanie pattern covers all sizes from new-born to adult so the whole family can keep a cool head in the warm weather.

9. Yenni Slouch Hat

Little Monkeys Crochet have shared this fabulous slouch crochet beanie pattern that you will love! The detail in this pattern is spot on with ridges adding extra depth to the design, and a button fastened band that enhances the basic beanie hat to create an individual statement. There’s nothing to dislike about this slouch hat, and everything to love!

10. Cabled Slouchy Beanie

If you’re like me and love the effect of cable when knitting, you’ll definitely love crocheting cable! This tutorial from All About Ami is so well thought out that it is incredibly easy to follow. From creating the band to crocheting the main body of the hat, each step has labelled pictures to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing. The length of your slouchy beanie is up to you, as Ami gives optional instructions on how to make it longer. An invisible seam is perfectly camouflaged within the cable pattern and a pompom on top finishes the hat off with a nicely.

11. Jungle Slouchy Beanie

Using bobble stitch, the Jungle Slouchy Beanie by Vickie Howell has minimum detail with maximum effect. A simple band keeps the slouchy beanie snug to your head while the slouch design creates a relaxed style. Together, the two elements result in an easy, comfortable look. You can download the pattern for free using Ravelry and start crocheting right away!

12. Lolly-poms Easy Ribbed Crochet Beanie

One Dog Woof’s Easy Ribbed Crochet Beanie has been designed to keep the crocheting as simple as possible. A brilliant pattern for beginners to make a crocheted beanie that will look great with your winter outfit, the basis for the hat is a rectangle so you don’t have to worry about decreasing stitches.

I hope this list of beanie trends to crochet triggers a passion to start creating. Enjoy trying out the patterns, and remember to leave a comment about the designs you use or your other favourite designs.

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