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By Annabelle Short on 03/13/2017

The Most Prolific Crafters On Social Media

The Most Prolific Crafters On Social Media

Just read through to find out who are the most creative crafters that are rocking the social media world!

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The Most Prolific Crafters On Social Media

In promoting your handmade crafts, there is nothing better than exploring social media to see how you can take advantage of growing technology.

Here are our 14 crafters and creatives who are rocking the social sphere!

Brittany W. Jepsen @HouseLarsBuilt

Brittany blogs about what she calls her creative messes, and promotes these on Twitter. She also shares awesome crafting designs found all over the web, which makes it a pleasure to receive her posts on your feed.

British Crafters

A group of craft lovers that uses the power of social media to promote the crafts of the Brit­ish. Their Facebook page alone hit 22K likes in 2017 — Sounds like the way to go if you strug­gle with getting your crafts out there.

Maggy Woodley @redtedart

Brittany blogs about what she calls her crea­tive messes, and promotes these on Twitter. She also shares awesome crafting designs found all over the web, which makes it a pleasure to receive her posts on your feed.

Holly Lefevre @holly_ll

Self-proclaimed magic maker and provider of helpful tutorials and tricks uses social media to flaunt her talent. From wedding DIY's to recipes, Holly's Instagram account looks as fun as her crafting projects sounds.

Mandy SugarBeeCrafts @sugarbeecrafts

Mandy’s social media accounts are the answer if you need new cross stitch or décor ideas. Her website resembles a Pinterest like feed and she is a Twitter aficionado.

Sisters Emma and Elsie @abeautifulmess

These two have social media down to an art. Their use of modern, fun and colorful photos has managed to inspire a huge audience, re­sulting in a Pinterest following of over 200k and an Instagram following of over 500k.

Siri M Carrion @Siri2Siri

A talented seamstress who uses social media artistically to show off her clothing collection. Her use of hashtags are exemplary for great promotion strategy.

Dragon Master @Iceni_Crafter

Dragon Master's Twitter account is filled with ac­cessories, trinkets and tutorials to make your own. This feed exhibits a somewhat steam punk flair.

C.R.A.F.T. (Creating Really Awesome Fun Things)

With her very aptly named blog, Jamie shows off her style by creating crafts from freebies, what could appeal more than free creativity? With her fun ingenious approach, she has managed to amass a Facebook following of over 27k — And what is more, she mastered the Facebook live feature!

The Lone Crafter UK @LoneCrafterUK

If you love everything fabric and bead-bling, this showcase of handmade and upcycled crafts will inspire you on The Lone Crafter's Twitter account.

Creative Green Living

If living green is your thing, then check out how Carissa goes about proving that it's far from boring! She manages to create aware­ness without being preachy, and fills her Twit­ter feed with truly gorgeous upcycle projects. Also, check out her YouTube channel for fun DIY tutorials.

Lia Griffith

Lia is best known for her paper crafts, and she aims to teach her audience how to handcraft their lives. Her passion for crafting and style shines through in her social media accounts, especially on Facebook where she has over 39k likes. A huge hint at her social media success strategy is her 100% response rate on Facebook. She con­nects with her followers on a personal level.

Crafter’s Companion @CraftersCompUK

Their Pinterest account is the epitome of what a crafter's promotion strategy can achieve. New re­leases are featured in a sideshow at the top of their account, and there is a smorgasbord of choice when it comes to their boards — something for every crafter there!

Oh Joy

Try overtaking 12 million followers on Pinterest. This is what Joy did. With her eclectic and modern take on DIY, she manages to make it hard to leave her blog. Imagery that inspires the need to craft is what we suspect makes Joy such a prolific Pinterest queen.

P.S. I made this @psimadethis

Erica branded her chic approach to DIY and aims to encourage her followers to embrace a can-do approach in creating for themselves what they see and like. With a following of over 175k on Insta­gram, she is certainly promoting her brand very well. Chic luxurious and fun-inspiring (with a hint of pizza) is what makes her Instagram account stand out.

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