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By Terra on 11/05/2018

Sew Your Own Table Runner | Image

Sew Your Own Table Runner

"We used a super soft brushed cotton fabric for our project to amp up the cozy factor."

Fall is definitely in the air and this fall inspired table runner is the perfect addition to your seasonal decor. It looks beautiful on a dining table or on a coffee table with plenty of candles for that warm cozy feel. This tutorial is easily customizable by just adjusting the length and width needed. We used a super soft brushed cotton fabric for our project to amp up the cozy factor. Let’s get started.

You will need:

Cut your fabric to the size shown above and iron out any creases. Make a mark on the wrong side of the centre of each short end and another mark 15 cm (6 in) away from each corner on the long sides. Use a ruler to join the centre marks with the side marks and cut along the lines to create a point on each short end.

One at a time, fold in each edge by 1cm (½ in) and press carefully to create a hem. Then repeat the process, this time folding in by 1.5cm (5/8 in) so that the raw edge is hidden inside the hem and taking extra care to press precisely at the corners.

When you unfold your hem, you should see a diamond formed by the folds at each corner. Working on one corner at a time, mark a line through the corners of this diamond all the way out to the raw edges of the fabric and trim fabric along this line.

Now fold this edge in so that the creases line up with each other (see picture) and press. Be careful not to press out the other creases!

Refold the hem allowance in, pressing after each fold. The folded angled edges won’t quite meet, since the corner is more than 90°, but there will only be a tiny bit of the raw edge showing. Pin or clip this corner and repeat for the other 5 corners of your table runner.

With the wrong side of your runner upwards, sew close to the inside edge of the hem to secure, pivoting neatly in the middle of each corner. Sew around just inside the edge of the runner again to secure the raw edges at the corners.

A printed or woven label would look great on the underside of the runner or on top toward one end. Branding is always important and your personalized label is the perfect finishing touch.

Your fall inspired table runner is now complete!