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By Terra on 08/03/2019

Première Vision - Fashion Colour Trends Spring/Summer 2020

Première Vision - Fashion Colour Trends Spring/Summer 2020

A little view into the fashion trend colours of tomorrow

What’s unique about Première Vision is the way they curate information to interpret upcoming fashion colour trends. They collaborate every year with experts from all facets of the fashion industry to put together a highly detailed forecast of what’s to come in the world of fashion. Industry preferences, colours, textures and styles are presented at each show as ‘Season Highlights.’  These fashion highlights can be very general or very specific, but what’s amazing about the show is that each concept is able to be viewed through the vendors at the venue.

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Première Vision - Fashion Colour Trends Spring/Summer 2020

Our visit to the Premiere Vision show in Istanbul, Turkey this past March gave us a glimpse at the upcoming fashion colour trends for Spring and Summer 2020.

Colour plays a huge roll in the upcoming 2020 season! The colours are bold with a specific emphasis on red. Bright colours inspired by nature will be the most popular. To tone those bold colours down, they will be paired with soft and light colours for the perfect balance of high and low.

Première Vision - Fashion Colour Trends Spring/Summer 2020

The harmonies of colour play a role in 4 different colour stories created by Premiere Vision:


Earthy freshness and light and bright colours to pair with high contrasting colours.


Dark and demanding colours of the see from algae green and sea blues.


True and iconic colours such a scarlet red.


Tones play off of each other to create a game of colours.

We love the eggplant purples paired with the lightest of peach or a metallic deep copper paired with the lightest of seafoam green. It will be exciting to see the colours play out for the spring/summer 2020 season.

Première Vision - Fashion Colour Trends Spring/Summer 2020

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