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By Wunderlabel on 06/23/2020

Introducing: The New Hang Tag Configurator

Introducing: The New swing Tag Configurator

The new Wunderlabel Hang Tag Configurator is here!

We’re excited to present to you our new Hang Tag Configurator for Hang Tags with text & symbol. In this blog post, we’ll show you what’s new and even more ways to personalise your hang tag design.

Head on over to the configurator and follow along!!

What’s new?

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New Materials, New Finish

In addition to standard and kraft paper options, we are now offering recycled 300 gsm paper as well. This way you can offer an earth friendly creation right down to even the labels and swing tags.

Introducing: The New Hang Tag Configurator

Besides choosing the type of paper for your swing tags, you can also choose the finish. Our matte finished swing tags feel significant in your hand and have a superior quality feel to them. The other option is a glossy finish which gives your swing tags a shiny look and the swing tag paper feels lighter and less substantial in your hands. You can see examples within the configurator to help you make your decision.

Hangtag Configurator

New Background Colours and Patterns

In addition to 19 background colours, we’ve added even more patterned options. Choose from geometric patterns, floral, retro colours and much more. These new patterns and colours open up a whole new creative way to add depth and texture to your swing tag design.  

Introducing: The New Hang Tag Configurator

Never Ending Text Colours

In the new configurator, you can choose from 19 classic text colours or you have the ability to choose any colour using the colour pallete: if you want your swing tags to have a specific colour, i.e. to match with your woven labels with logo, you can simply enter the colour code and get exactly this colour. Or you can simply move the cursor until you’ve found the perfect colour! Each line of text can have its own colour just as it’s always been.

Introducing: The New Hang Tag Configurator

Choose Your Symbol & Frame Colours

Your symbol and frame choice can now also be the colour of your choice.

Introducing: The New Hang Tag Configurator

Rotate, Delete, Resize and Position your Text und Symbol

And now the news you’ve been waiting for: your text and symbol can be edited and adjusted as you wish directly on your swing tag design. Rotate, delete, resize and position your text and the symbol until you get the exact look you want.

This function opens up a whole new perspective to your design.

Introducing: The New Hang Tag Configurator

Flip Text and Symbol, Adjust Layers

Using the arrows directly below the displayed swing tag design, you can flip your text and symbol vertically or horizontally.

Introducing: The New Hang Tag Configurator

You can also place your text and symbol on different layers - depending on what you want in the foreground and background.

Introducing: The New Hang Tag Configurator

Does this inspire you to get started on your own design? We warn you, it’s addictive!

Tips, Tricks und Inspiration

These new design features are great, but some ideas and inspiration can never hurt. We provided some tips and tricks to give you a few ideas on how to get started. Let’s have a look!

Use a Symbol as a Letter

Now that you are able to reposition the symbol instead of having it placed on either side of your text, why not use it to replace a letter? When writing your text, insert a few spaces where the letter should be and drag a cute symbol of your choice into that spot.

Hangtag Configurator Tool

Hangtag Configurator

Clever Uses for Symbols

A symbol can not only replace text, it can embellish the text you have! Use a symbol to dot your i’s or position one directly over the punched hole. Combine text inside or around a symbol to completely change the look!

Introducing: The New Hang Tag Configurator

Hangtag Online Designer

Introducing: The New Hang Tag Configurator

Rotate Your Text & Symbol

Don’t forget, you can rotate your Text & Symbol! That means a whole new way of designing the text & symbol swing tags is available to you. Check out some of these examples:

Hangtag Configurator Text Symbol

Hangtag Configurator

Hangtag Configurator Wunderlabel

Hopefully these tips and tricks helped inspire a new creation of your own. Share your personalised swing tags with us on Facebook or Instagram - we’d love to see them!

Have fun designing!

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