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By Terra on 04/10/2017

Customer Spotlight: Handmade Knits by Jenn

Customer Spotlight: Handmade Knits by Jenn

We may be gearing up for spring, but we still have time to enjoy some warm knitted goodness!  These knitted creations are impeccably made by Jenn, the knitting extraordinaire behind Handmade Knits by Jenn.  She’s creating the perfect hats, mittens, booties and scarves, to name just a few, to keep you warm. This is especially important during the cold winter months in Ottawa Canada where Handmade Knits by Jenn was started.  She definitely has an eye for beautiful color combinations and her big fluffy pom poms are to die for!  We are so pleased that Jenn chose Wunderlabel as her label provider.

Introducing Handmade Knits by Jenn!

Customer Spotlight: Handmade Knits by Jenn

Tell us about Handmade Knits by Jenn

The name really speaks for itself - I love to knit, and am now selling to others! This venture started last fall, through a partnership with my mom at a Christmas craft sale. My mom, recently retired, and I, on maternity leave, decided to make the jump to selling our handmade creations. We rented a table at the craft sale together, and my mom sold quilted and sewn items, and I offered the knitted products (hats, mittens, cowls, baby sets, etc). We had a lot of fun participating in the event, we both managed to make some sales and we received encouraging words from those who came through. The sale also served as a catalyst for a series of Christmas orders from family and friends. The custom orders have continued to come (almost more than I can keep up with), and just last month I started showcasing my knitwear in the local artisan corner at our community bakeshop.

So far, I have not set any boundaries to this - I knit what appeals to me and what I think will appeal to others. I spend countless hours perusing patterns and yarns to inform my next creations.

Handmade Knits by Jenn is an outlet for my creativity and an opportunity to share my love of knitting with others. It is also a project that I can truly call my own when most of my daily hours are consumed by the three young children in my household.

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Customer Spotlight: Handmade Knits by Jenn

What keeps you inspired to create?

The knitting community is an extremely vibrant one, and I am constantly inspired by the creations of others. I'm also motivated by my family and friends who give me regular cues about what they like and don't like. Ultimately, knitting is something that I find relaxing and enjoyable. I like producing something that is so fundamentally practical (like a toque in our harsh Canadian winter!), but also so artistic and unique. The creative possibilities are truly endless.

Customer Spotlight: Handmade Knits by Jenn

What does labeling your handmade items do for your business?

It allows me to put my stamp on these products, each and every one of which is a labour of love. I'm proud of my handmade knits, and I want to show that.

Customer Spotlight: Handmade Knits by Jenn

Handmade Knits by Jenn can be found on Facebook and Instagram.  She’s also considering opening an Etsy shop, so stay tuned!  

Thanks for sharing Jenn!

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