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By Annabelle Short on 05/10/2019

How to Find Great Hashtags to Market Your Craft Business

How to Find Great Hashtags to Market Your Craft Business

Instagram poses as one of the best social platforms for artists because it is all about pictures and videos. The platform is visual allowing you to share your craft with the world. When done right, sharing pictures of your craft will get you, prospective customers, faster than sharing stories. Even though the platform is great for artists, garnering followers is sometimes a struggle. New craft makers struggle to get their businesses to be seen. This is where hashtags come in. With hashtags, you can market your craft to thousands of Instagram users even when you have no followers.

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Choosing Relevant Hashtags

If you searched the 'right hashtags for craft makers' on Google today, you would see hundreds of recommended tags. But these are generic tags or tags that your competitors want to promote. Granted, the best way to find relevant hashtags is to research. This is easy seeing that Instagram allows you to search for Hashtags.

Start by searching generic hashtags within your niche to identify Instagram influencers in the craft industry. A generic tag will be something like #craft, #craftartist, #handmade, #buyhandmade. While these tags have a vast reach and can get some prospects to your business, they lack specific keywords that your customers will search and are highly competitive.

Generic hashtags will help you identify influencers and the keywords they are using. Click on each tag from the search and identify influencers with the same products as you. From the hashtags they (the influencers) are using, pick those that are relevant to your business. Relevance, in this context, means those that communicate directly about your craft. For instance, the hashtag #crotchetsweaters is more appropriate for a craftsperson making crotchet sweaters than #handmadecrafts. While the latter will have a more extensive reach since it is generic, the former will get your business in front of the right audience.

Try Out Hashtags on Your Niche

People create hashtags and then they are popularized on different social media platforms. You can randomly search keywords that you think your prospective customers will search when they need to buy your artwork. If, for instance, you create custom door mats, your hashtags should be related to doormats. Some for the tags you can search include #crotchetdoormats, #handmadedoormats, #customdoormats, and any other that Instagram users are likely to seek. Look at the reach (number of posts with that hashtag) and the businesses that use the hashtag you searched.

A good hashtag should have a broad reach while staying relevant to your business niche. This doesn't mean that the hashtags with the broadest scope are the best. Generic hashtags will always appear at the top, but there is a lot of competition on those making them less relevant. If a hashtag has a relatively good reach and is not so competitive, pick it.

How Many Tags Do You Need?

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on a single post. While you can use all of them, not all hashtags on your list will match the content you create. If you design and create wall hangings and mats, you will have tags specific for each of your products. This means that the tags you use have to be relevant for the content you create.

In most cases, using between 5 and 10 hashtags will just be okay for your business. As your business grows, your followers may ask you to limit the hashtags you use. This does not mean you cannot use all 30 hashtags since Instagram users understand that hashtags are part of Instagram content. If you feel your hashtags appear spammy, use them on the first comment of your content.

Mix Hashtags

During your research, primarily if you collect hashtags from influencers, you might have come up with more than 50 relevant hashtags. Sometimes, you will come across more than 100 hashtags. When you add a few generic hashtags, this gives you a whole document full of hashtags. Save your hashtags, say on Office OneNote, and mix them up whenever you post new content. If you post four times a day, you can have different hashtags on each of the posts with a few generic hashtags to match your business. Generic hashtags are added to fish craft enthusiasts who may not be searching for your specific products. Due to their competitive nature, you only need to add one or two.

When you have hundreds of hashtags, you can use a hashtags management tool such as Tailwind. This is a tool designed specifically to keep a list of your hashtags and help you select which to use for your content.

Should You Use Recommended Hashtags?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the internet has hundreds of 'recommended' hashtags. In craft, some hashtags you would see online include #colormyeveryday, #createmakeshare, #feelingfolsky, #createinspring, #myworkwall, #inspiredbynature, #artinaction and many more. The internet will give you hundreds of these keywords. Some are great; the majority may not suit you.

If you have to research keywords/hashtags on this front, pick those that feel relevant and then search them on Instagram to see their reach and competition. Those that have a broad reach and are not very competitive should be good for your business.

Watch Out For Seasonal and Calendar Hashtags

If your work is inspired by either seasons or the calendar, there are specific hashtags that you should use. This will get prospects that are searching for a given hashtag to match a season. Some seasonal hashtags include #createinspring, #craftforsummer, #crotchetinwinter, #mywintercraft and much more. Again, you can research seasonal hashtags by observing what influencers are using and searching your hashtags on Instagram for reach and competition.

Calendar hashtags are for makers who want to join in your work weekly or monthly. Some common hashtags include #fairislefriday, #madelocalmonth, #meetthemakerweek, #craftingismytherapyjuly and many more. You can create your calendar hashtags based on how you run your business.

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