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By Terra on 01/16/2017

An Easy Apron Tutorial | Image

An Easy Apron Tutorial

If you cook, or do the washing up, wearing an apron is a good idea.  It will keep your clothes clean and dry and if you follow this tutorial to make your own, you’ll also look like a million bucks in the kitchen.  What’s great about this tutorial is that basically any sturdy fabric can be used.  We suggesting avoiding lightweight material.  Jazz up your design by using contrasting thread or maybe an appliqué - the possibilities are endless.  You could also make it longer, or shorter and a sweet border ribbon would definitely kick it up a notch in the style department.  Use your imagination and have fun!

Our finished apron dimensions are 91.5 cm x 25.5 cm (top), 63.5 cm (bottom), and the armholes start 24 cm down.


You will need

  • 91.5 cm by 66 cm fabric of your choice
  • Fabric for straps – you need to be able to piece together a 365cm strip
  • Thread in a coordinating color
  • Personalised  woven label

Make the Straps

Cut the straps – cut 2 strips each measuring 10cm x 190cm and sew the short ends right-sides together using a 1.5 cm seam allowance to make one long strip. Press the seam open to reduce bulk.

An Easy Apron Tutorial

**You can also use 4 strips each measuring 10 cm x 91.25 cm if your fabric isn’t long enough for the 190 cm strips. Other alternatives would be 365 cm of bias tape sewn closed, or sturdy ribbon to match your apron fabric.

Fold in half lengthwise and press. Unfold the strip and fold the raw edges to the fold line before pressing again.

An Easy Apron Tutorial

Fold in half lengthwise (hiding the raw edges in the center of the strip) and press one final time.

Fold each end in by 1.5 cm, hiding the raw edges inside the strap.

An Easy Apron Tutorial

Top stitch along both edges of the strap, making sure to sew in the same direction for each side – this will help to ensure that the strap does not get twisted.

An Easy Apron Tutorial

Make the Apron Body

Fold each short side of your fabric in 1.5cm, press and fold in by 1.5cm once more to make a hem (if your hem works out a little wider because your fabric is thicker, that’s OK). Sew close to the edge of the hem – if you’re adding a woven label, tuck it under the hem in the middle of the top edge before sewing. Repeat the process for the long sides.

An Easy Apron Tutorial

Make marks along one of the short edges, 16.5cm in from the corners. This will be the top of your apron. Make a mark 21.5 cm down from the top corner on each long side.

An Easy Apron Tutorial

Draw a line between each pair of marks and cut along these lines.

An Easy Apron Tutorial

Fold the cut corners in 1.5 cm and press. Now fold them in 4 cm and sew along the previously pressed edge. This will make casings for your straps to pass through.

An Easy Apron Tutorial

Thread one end of the strap through the casing on one side and then the other (make sure it’s not twisted at the top).

Now it’s time to enjoy your new apron!

An Easy Apron Tutorial