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By Wunderlabel on 04/15/2020

DIY knitting tutorial: How to knit a cushion cover | Image

DIY knitting tutorial: How to knit a cushion cover

Have you spent ages looking for a cushion that perfectly matches the interior of your home? The colour, the pattern, the fabric - there’s just always something not quite right. In this tutorial, we teach you how to knit your own personalised cushion cover, so you can decide on the design yourself. To add a funny slogan or a cute symbol you can just sew on one of our  woven labels with text & symbol as shown on our cushion in the photo.

Materials for knitting your cushion cover


sts - stitches
ch - chain stitch

Knitting pattern

Knit in garter stitch, i.e. knit all sts every single row. When using a different type of wool, please take note of the description on the wool label.


DIY knitting tutorial: How to knit a pillow slip

For the cast-on row: Cast on 100 sts, then knit 50 sts blue and 50 sts orange.
When switching colours, make sure that both threads cross each other in the back (inside of the cushion cover). You can make the colour changes in the middle any way you like. In our photo we changed colors after 30 ridges. After 80 ridges the work is complete and you can bind it off.


 DIY knitting tutorial: How to knit a pillow slip

Cast on 100 sts, always changing colours on the same side. Knit blue one row and back, then orange one row and back. Cross the different threads each time on this side and bind off after 80 ridges.

Your finished cushion cover

Place both pieces underside up on top of each other and crochet them together (single st 1 ch), then crochet another round in crab stitch into the ch below. 

Please note: Be sure to leave an opening at the bottom for the cushion filling, you can sew it shut after you’ve stuffed the cushion. All that’s left now is to sew on your melange woven label and your knitted cushion cover is complete.

DIY knitting tutorial: How to knit a pillow slip

You see? Knitting a cushion cover wasn’t that hard after all! There is no limit to your imagination where sewing and knitting cushion covers are concerned. Why not try out our tutorial on How to make a quilted throw pillow?