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By Terra on 10/22/2018

Customer Spotlight: Peake Ties

Customer Spotlight: Peake Ties

"We were the Official Bow Tie of the Kentucky Derby Festival and are hoping to continue that partnership in the coming years."

Take one look at any of the Peake Ties designs and you know that this business is all about expressing yourself and having fun. The bold fabric choices add a bit of whimsy and a lot of color to any outfit! Peake Ties were the Official Bow Tie of the Kentucky Derby Festival this year and we can see why. We are proud to be their label provider!

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Introducing Peake Ties!

Customer Spotlight: Peake Ties

Tell us about Peake Ties - how did you get started?

I started making ties as a Christmas gift for a friend. I wanted to make him something unique and after coming across a pattern I whipped up a couple for him. After giving them to him he kept telling me I should start selling them. I thought that was a terrible idea. I have sewn since I was a kid and growing up I knew I wanted to make things for a living I just didn’t know what that would be. I had tried several different items and nothing ever seemed to catch on. This led to my hesitation with wanting to pursue tie making. I had lots of set backs with other products and I didn’t want to get stuck with a ton of ties I would never use.  Slowly but surely I started making more and either selling them or giving them to friends and progressively it grew. This year has already been the best year we have ever had and it isn’t even halfway over. We were the Official Bow Tie of the Kentucky Derby Festival and are hoping to continue that partnership in the coming years.

Customer Spotlight: Peake Ties

What keeps you inspired?

Honestly sometimes just seeing certain prints of fabric does it for me. I also have AMAZING and loyal customers that bring me new ideas and want different enough pieces that I love keeping up with them. Being in Louisville, Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby doesn’t hurt either. If you have been toying with the idea of wearing something fun and original that is the time to give it a whirl.

What does labeling your items do for your business?

Labeling is absolutely vital. I sell at local shops around town and obviously can’t be there all the time and business cards are great but are so easily lost. If an individual comes in and grabs a tie with no label you hope they remember where they got it from. I worked at one of those shops for a while and I can’t tell you the number of times I would have people come to the store looking for something that they had gotten from the area but couldn’t remember which shop. There is also a growing number of makers in the world and if you are in a place where others are making what you do how can people tell you all apart? You are a business and you need branding. You need your name out there. If you want a loyal following you have to give them ways to find you.  

Peake Ties can be found on their own website, on Facebook and Instagram.  

Customer Spotlight: Peake Ties

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