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By Terra on 11/19/2018

Customer Spotlight: One Ocean Ohana

Customer Spotlight: One Ocean Ohana

"The ocean is a huge part of my life and I see it as part of my family."

We all know that one use plastic is polluting our earth at alarming rates. Desiree created One Ocean Ohana to combat this problem with metal straws which get tucked into vibrant take-a-long pouches. We love her philosophy and her drive! We’re so proud to be her label provider.

Introducing One Ocean Ohana!

Customer Spotlight: One Ocean Ohana

Tell us about One Ocean Ohana - how did you get started?

Well I’m a marine biologist by trade. I’ve always loved the ocean and ocean creatures. I’ve worked with sharks, rays, fish and sea turtles. It’s been a real dream but I’ve seen some really horrible things, like plastic bags in turtle tummies and sharks caught in nets for fishing. Back to how I’m here now. I got married and we moved all the way across the country to Rhode Island from California. My husband is Navy and I needed a job but the nearest aquarium or place for me to work was too far. A shark diving boat was hiring finally and it was right up my alley. I had all the credentials I had been doing shark boat diving for a company in California for several years. They told me they don’t hire girls. Well I wasn’t going to let this stop me from doing what I love or having a connection to the sea. My mother taught me to sew and I’ve always made things for myself and others.  I began sewing pouches for metal straws and giving them to friends. I was trying to make them understand their important role in this world with a beautiful pouch and bright colored straws that catch the eye and make you smile. My friends said I needed to sell these pouches and it just turned into this wonderful thing. Now I’m making reusable produce bags and sandwich bags. Really going the next step in bringing functional products that are durable made of 45% recycled material and lovely to look at. Some of our new pouches help fund animals with proceeds going towards great causes.

Customer Spotlight: One Ocean Ohana

What keeps you inspired?

Knowing every time a pouch leaves a turtle and all ocean life is safer from plastic waste. I think about the customers and I’m grateful for their compassion and thoughtfulness. I think about the ocean dives I can’t wait to do and I won’t see straws on the beach. 1 metal straw just replaced 5,000 plastic straws from entering the sea each year. These sea creatures and a future for others to enjoy the ocean keeps me positive!


What does labeling your items do for your business?

It allows me to spread a message. Ohana the Hawaiian word for family shows that the sea is part of your life and part of your family. So many people experience special occasions and moments by the sea. The ocean is a huge part of my life and I see it as part of my family. Even the mountains and streams these beautiful gems of our world. I hope can be seen through the eyes of many more to come and the wonderful creatures can enjoy their homes. My labels give my business a voice.

Customer Spotlight: One Ocean Ohana

One Ocean Ohana can be found on Etsy and can be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for sharing Desiree!

Customer Spotlight: One Ocean Ohana

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