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By Terra on 10/23/2017

Customer Spotlight: Delta Of Phoenix

Customer Spotlight: Delta Of Phoenix

"As a brand, Delta Of Phoenix inspires to represent the deconstruction of feminine stereotypes."

Are you ready to be inspired? Francesca, the creative force behind Delta Of Phoenix, has taken denim design to the next level by listening to the women around her. By embracing the differences in every women, she was able to create gorgeous denim jeans that any woman would be proud to wear. We feel confident that no matter what her next project will be, it will be a success.

We are proud to be Delta Of Phoenix’s label provider.

Customer Spotlight: Delta Of Phoenix

As a brand, Delta Of Phoenix inspires to represent the deconstruction of feminine stereotypes. These ideals were conceived during my graduate collection, titled ‘The Wrong Woman’, where shapes and styles were questioned, then distorted. This distortion is represented through fabric manipulation and the deconstruction of details, creating bespoke and luxury denim garments. Delta Of Phoenix’s first designs were those of bespoke denim jeans, created for the wonderful women around me who were crying out for jeans that accentuated their figures and celebrated every curve. This brand ethos will always stay with Delta Of Phoenix, a constant element within the initial design development.

Customer Spotlight: Delta Of Phoenix

I am inspired to create by those who have created before me, the iconic women who, for me, represent rebellion and revolution, such as Frida Kahlo and Vivienne Westwood. Delta Of Phoenix designs are also influenced by the raw and industrial nature of denim, and the ways in which to best represent these fabric attributes. The designs within our capsule collection are inspired by contemporary culture and challenge pre-determined trends. Of course, the main constructional element for us as a brand is to represent individual feminine shape, garments available tailored to personal measurements.

Customer Spotlight: Delta Of Phoenix

Delta Of Phoenix is still in the early stages of bloom. Labels, along with other branding materials, represent the development of a dreamy idea, the stamp of identity on an original creation. Being able to use the brand logo within the label design keeps the identity constant.

Customer Spotlight: Delta Of Phoenix

Find Delta Of Phoenix on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter and Google + at @deltaofphoenix.

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