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By Terra on 05/15/2017

Customer Spotlight: Arte Sostenibile

Customer Spotlight: Arte Sostenibile

Is it possible to create new and beautiful new handmade items out of recycled materials?  Barbara from Arte Sostenibile believes so and she’s made it her mission to pass along this message: to leave behind the “throw it away” mentality and start looking at those items from a different perspective.  Creating environmentally friendly handmade items from upcycled buttons, cartons and fabrics is her specialty and we’re so happy that she’s chosen Wunderlabel as her label provider.  

Introducing Arte Sostenibile!

Customer Spotlight: Arte Sostenibile

Tell us a little bit about Arte Sostenibile and how you got started.

Arte Sostenibile was born from the passion for recycling.  One day at my mom’s house, I saw a beautiful 10-liter carboy sitting in the corner..  I was so impressed by the coloring that I asked my mother what the carboy was doing there and where it came from.  She answered that she had bought it at a flea market and that she had decided to make herself a lamp out of it.  However, the carboy sat there in the corner for a very long time, waiting for its transformation.  When I was about to move into my new apartment in the year 2000 I decided to take that carboy with me!  I took a drill, made a hole into the bottom and installed a lamp kit.  I added a beautiful green lampshade and, voilà my new and upcycled and “eco” lamp!

Customer Spotlight: Arte Sostenibile

What keeps you inspired to create?

Arte Sostenibile creations are made of recycled materials that I want to give a second chance.

I gather inspiration from small scraps of cloth, bottles, caps, etc.   These objects spark my creativity and motivation to give new life to old objects.  The world needs our help!  The Arte Sostenibile creations show that it’s not always necessary to buy new items and that “one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.”  Giving new life to an object destined for the dump is a rewarding job which creates positive energy for me.  I love what I do and it makes it even better to know I’m doing some good for the planet. Mixing business with pleasure!

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Customer Spotlight: Arte Sostenibile

What does labeling your handmade items do for your business?

Labels add uniqueness and create an added value to my business.  My recycled items are created and branded especially for Arte Sostenibile. The specific branding creates greater intrinsic value for my art and lends a professional touch. I’m also able to pass along the message of Arte Sostenibile: recycle and upcycle!

Customer Spotlight: Arte Sostenibile

Where can we find you online?

I’m currently created a new website, so stay tuned for that! I can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Customer Spotlight: Arte Sostenibile

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