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By Terra on 08/28/2017

Customer Spotlight: Adams & Canyon | Image

Customer Spotlight: Adams & Canyon

“I'm fascinated by the way different fabrics respond to different treatments.”

Watching someone do what they love is an inspiration!  That’s how we feel about Katie, the creative force behind Adams & Canyon.  Fabric pairings, dying methods, textures and feel are the most important details and make her handmade items individual works of art. We are honored that Katie chose us to be her label provider.  

Introducing Adams & Canyon!

Customer Spotlight: Adams & Canyon

Adams & Canyon is my little business, which I love. Under its small umbrella, I am free to create and experiment, and fill my home with ambitious quantities of linen, cotton, faux-fur, and any other material that catches my eye. It is so much fun! My recent endeavors include deep indigo linen shibori, fur throws with custom backing, and hand dyed fabric designs sewn into home decor.

Customer Spotlight: Adams & Canyon

I'm fascinated by the way different fabrics respond to different treatments. Whether I'm using a natural indigo dye to create a shibori linen throw blanket, removing color with a paintbrush to make a light print on a dark pillow, or printing an image with botanicals I've picked on a neighborhood walk, I love it all. I love to learn new things.  Since I'm always getting new fabrics, and thinking of a million things to do with it, I get to learn a lot! It's wonderful to try something different, perfect an old technique, or create something really lovely and fresh. Pairing new fabrics can also be very inspiring, and I love to mix textures. Lately, I've been pairing my hand-printed cottons or linens with soft faux-fur. The printed or dyed fabric creates visual depth and texture, and the fur brings a very different textural experience to the piece. And there’s a bonus-- my faux-fur throws are very cozy!

Customer Spotlight: Adams & Canyon

I began sewing at a young age, because my own mother is an excellent seamstress. So I have always loved to sew for myself, but it took a little while to get the courage and inspiration to sew for other people. Let’s just say many years! I thought it would be difficult getting started, but one day I looked at all of my homemade throw pillows, textile art in my home, and throw blankets and realized I had not only made the items, but modified the fabrics on all of them! And that is what I love to do. The fabrics were completely my own, sewn into all of these things that bring me joy.

Eventually I got inspired to take things further, and with the encouragement of a few good friends, I decided to open an Etsy shop and sell my pieces at local markets in San Diego. And it’s been good for my creative side. After all, I can only make so much home decor for my own use!

Customer Spotlight: Adams & Canyon

I know there can be a lot of competition in the marketplace, especially the open air market. So to me, a professional label and good marketing really sets an item apart. Once I had the concept for my business in my head, I looked around for some well-made woven labels.  I found Wunderlabel, and I'm so happy I did! It was easy to order what I wanted, and I especially love that I could order a small quantity to begin. When you're starting a business, there are plenty of expenses, and I didn't want the commitment of a huge quantity of expensive labels, especially when I wasn't even sure my products would sell! I love the label I chose. Its simplicity and clean text adds a professional luxe and gravity to my products, without overwhelming with pattern and color. I get compliments on my labels all the time!

Customer Spotlight: Adams & Canyon

Every piece I make is hand-dyed, hand printed, and sewn by me. My husband jokes that they are ultra-handmade! Basically, if a fabric has a pattern, I've put it there! Although the process is time-consuming, the result is that each piece is completely unique. Single-run printing, and one-batch dyeing turns into one-of-a-kind pillows, throw blankets, and anything else I feel like trying! It's so much fun for me to learn things about textiles as I make beautiful and functional art. And it’s just the best feeling to see the Adams & Canyon brand on every item - like I'm a real professional, even if my creative time is naptime and late nights!

Customer Spotlight: Adams & Canyon

Adams & Canyon is a name inspired by the place where I live, San Diego, California. In a sunny bungalow with my husband and two little kids, ages five and one and a half. Am I crazy to have a business in addition to being a full-time parent at home? Maybe! Things can get a bit hectic around here, but love being a mother, and I love creating things. We all start out somewhere. Why not here?

If you'd like to get in touch with me, or see what I'm up to, find me online! On instagram, you can see what I'm making right now, including some amazing cocktail recipes! If you'd like to see what’s in my shop for sale, check out my etsy store.

Customer Spotlight: Adams & Canyon

Thanks for sharing Katie!

Writer: Terra

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