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By Annabelle Short on 06/29/2018

14 Sewing Projects to Make Using Ribbon [Infographic]

14 Sewing Projects to Make Using Ribbon [Infographic]

14 Sewing Projects to Make Using Ribbon [Infographic]

Ribbon is a special touch to add to lots of different sewing projects. Whether it’s a pop of colour as an embellishment, or a feature all by itself, check out these 14 ideas for sewing with ribbon!


A great way to use up scraps of pretty ribbon! Add a loop of elastic cord to one end and a button to the other for a wrap-around design, or monogram wide ribbons for a personalised touch.

2. Flower Embellishments

From headbands and barrettes to pillows and sweaters, there are literally thousands of ways to use simple flowers made from ribbon. Use sheer ribbons for a floaty effect, or loops of grosgrain ribbon for something sturdier.

3. Ribbon Embroidery

Take your embroidery to the next level! This heirloom sewing technique uses fine silk ribbons to create beautiful shapes, like flowers and leaves, in three dimensions. Create wall hangings meant to be displayed, or embellish wearables for a show-stopping look.

4. Grosgrain Belt

This lightweight accessory is as great project for beginning sewists. All you need is a length of grosgrain ribbon in your preferred width and colour, a belt buckle, and eyelets to reinforce the holes. It can be assembled by hand or by machine.

5. Taggie Toys for Babies

Babies love toys with lots of grab-able bits, and taggie toys are a great way to give them that chance for enriching play. Simply stitch loops of sturdy ribbon into the side seams of small pillows, adding extra stitching in the seam allowance to reinforce the loops.

6. Tutu Skirt

Tulle skirts are popular for kids and adults both. Stitching satin ribbon to the hemline adds visual interest, plus extra volume for the full ballerina effect! Tulle is quite delicate to work with, so if you opt to stitch by machine, you may want to use a strip of dissolvable stabilizer to keep it from stretching or tearing as you work on the hem.

7. Embellished Hot Pads

These make a perfect housewarming gift. Only use heat-resistant materials, especially in your embellishments. Layer fabric, batting, and backing, adding lines of ribbon for embellishment. Quilt the sandwiched layers together and bind the edges.

8. Holiday ornaments

Scraps of fabric and ribbon are all you'll need to create adorable gifts for friends and family at the holidays. Create tiny wreaths, embellished felt baubles, and other festive shapes.

9. Ribbon Cockades

Traditionally decorations for hats or suits of livery, cockades are fun to give as prizes, or to make into pins for hen or stag nights. Use several colours of ribbon for a multilayered effect, and be sure to leave some trailing lengths of ribbon for a bit of flutter and movement.

10. Tassels

Tassels are making a comeback in everything from jewellery to clothing. Scale them up by making your own out of scraps of ribbon and fabric! You can use shop-bought tassel caps, or tie them into shape with embroidery floss.

11. Vintage Pillowcases

Vintage sewing techniques add a touch of heirloom quality to even simple projects like pillowcases. Adding a strip of eyelet lace strung through with ribbon, or stitching on several lines of satin ribbon embellishment turns a simple pillowcase, even a shop-bought one, into something special.

12. Ribbon-trimmed Tea Towels

Another quick and easy project that makes a great last-minute gift. Add loops of ribbon to tie towels meant to ang on oven doom, and add a bit of extra decoration with strips wide, printed ribbon on the ends of the towels. Stitch carefully to avoid suet ing the towels while you sew.

13. Key Fobs and Lanyards

The smallest scraps of ribbons can still be useful. Stitch ribbon into simple loops and add a metal ribbon-end closure and a jump ring to hang it from your key ring. These also make excellent craft fair items, as they are quick and inexpensive to make and allow you to add a lower price point to your inventory.

14. Ribbon Jewellery

Wristbands, cuffs, and choker necklaces are easy to make with lengths of ribbon. Stitch on beads, charms, or extra decorations before using a pair of pliers to attach ribbon-end closures or magnetic clasps.

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