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By Annabelle Short on 11/30/2018

12 Apps for Better Sewing

12 Apps for Better Sewing

12 Apps for Better Sewing

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Sewing may be an ancient art, but these days, it's definitely gone high-tech! Whether you're browsing for new ideas and inspiration, brushing up on your techniques, or looking to organise your fabric stash, there is, as they say, an app for that. Grab your smart phone and check out these 12 apps that can make your sewing experience even better.

1. Stash Star Fabric

Tired of standing in front of bolts of fabric in the shop and thinking, 'Don't I already have that one'? Stash Star Fabric puts all your fabric right at your fingertips, no matter where you go. Snap a photo of your fabric, and record everything from the designer to the yardage on hand. Sort your entire collection by colour, pattern, type, and more. Currently, Stash Star Fabric is only available for iOS.

2. Quilt Wizard

Like Stash Star, Quilt Wizard allows you to coordinate your fabrics on hand, but it's designed specifically with quilters in mind. Store photos of your fabrics and use them to design your next project by adding them to digital quilt blocks. Test and compare, swap in different colours and patterns, and see how all your blocks will look before you even start cutting! Currently, Quilt Wizard is only available for iOS.

3. Sew Organized

This is a workhorse of an app that's perfect for really getting your sewing projects (and sewing room!) organised. It combines features of many apps, offering the ability to catalogue your fabrics, patterns, and more, plus a function for setting deadlines and planning out your projects so you stay motivated even when it's tough. Using this app does require a bit of setup, but it's user friendly, available for both iOS and Android, and, best of all, it's free!

4. Sewing Pattern Buddy

If you spend more time searching through your patterns than you do actually sewing, this is the perfect app for you. Input all your patterns, and you can browse by dozens of factors, including pattern designer, clothing type, year of publication, or even particular measurements. Currently, Sewing Pattern Buddy is only available for Android devices.

5. Sew Awesome

Awesome indeed! This app contains all the handy catalogues you could want, for everything from sewing machine feet to fabrics to threads. You'll also find lots of reference resources and other handy tools, including a ruler, a sewing terms glossary, sewing machine diagrams, and more. Currently, Sew Awesome is only available for Android devices.

6. Craftsy

Looking to improve your skills, or maybe learn something entirely new? Craftsy offers online courses in all kinds of disciplines, plus the ability to shop for materials and supplies. The Craftsy app makes the whole experience mobile, so you can learn (or shop) on the go! Available for both iOS and Android devices.

7. Pinterest

Wait, Pinterest? A sewing app? While you can also find plenty of recipes for one-pot meals and cute cat videos, Pinterest is a wealth of information for serious sewists, and, unlike many apps, it's not limited to just one kind of sewing. Want to learn to hand quilt? There are tutorials for that. Embroidery more your speed? You'll find hundreds of stitches at your fingertips. Inspiration abounds, and so do practical tips. Available for both Android and iOS.

8. My Body Model

You know those beautiful fashion sketches you sometimes see on the packages of patterns? Simplified, artistic renderings of what the design looks like on a model? Those sketches are called croquis, and they often feature some of the most impossible proportions you can imagine. My Body Model is an app that generates croquis to a set of given measurements, so you can visualize a pattern or a new design on the person who's actually going to wear it! Draw digitally in your preferred illustration program, or print and sketch by hand. This app is web based.

9. Cora

Designed by sewist and software designer Hélène Martin, Cora was built to keep careful track of all your fabrics, even when you don't have access to them. The app makes it easy to store a wealth of information about each fabric, from photos to yardage and even whether it's been prewashed! Search by any of these functions to find just the right fabric and make sure your stash never gets out of control. Currently, Cora is only available for iOS devices.

10. XStitcher

For fans of embroidery, cross-stitch, and other needlepoint disciplines, Xstitcher is your answer to the fabric stash app. It helps you keep track of all the embroidery floss you have on hand, including amounts and colours. It includes several popular brands, with built in colour blocks for maximum accuracy, and a function to help you match colours across those brands. You can even build shopping lists from within the app, so you know you'll never miss a colour the next time you buy floss. Available for both iOS and Android.

11. StitchSketch

If you've ever wanted to create your own cross-stitch designs (or knitting patterns, beading patterns, and more!), StitchSketch is a fantastic resource. The easy-to-use interface makes creating your designs a breeze, and it includes built in colour libraries so you don't have to worry about matching your embroidery floss after the fact. Currently, StitchSketch is only available for iOS devices.

12. QuiltSandwich

This powerful app has features every quilter will love! No more guesswork, no more over or under-buying fabric, no more botched layouts. QuiltSandwich handles it all, from designing a quilt to determining how much material you'll need for each layer of your quilt sandwich, and showing you the most efficient ways to cut it all out. Control everything from seam allowances to whether or not your fabric is directional, and adjust for shrinking or squaring up on the fly. Store photos of your favorite fabrics and arrange them to see how different colours and patterns look together, including sashing and binding! Keep in mind, though, that QuiltSandwich is meant as a calculator rather than a designer, and doesn't allow for laying out blocks. Currently, QuiltSandwich is only available for iOS devices.

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