Made at Home – A Quick Look at British-Made Fabrics   

British-made fabrics have a reputation for quality that has been proven throughout history. Producing an array of colours and designs in natural and man-made materials, the choices of fabrics made at home, and their uses were once seam-ingly endless!

Unfortunately, the manufacturing of fabrics in Britain has declined dramatically, but fear not! You can still find quality materials on the internet and in stores. After all, who knows the requirements of braving the inclement British weather better than manufacturers based in Britain? From warm, cosy furnishings to protective apparel fabrics, you can guarantee that everything you’re looking for will be woven into the design.

Walking into a well-stocked fabric suppliers or trawling through websites can be daunting if you don’t have a clear idea of the materials you need, and which ones are produced in Britain. So here goes! A quick guide through manufacturers of British-Made Fabrics that will open your eyes to the quality of materials made at home!

1. Walker Greenbank Brands

Despite incorporating existing companies under one umbrella company, Walker Greenbank Brands have kept their individuality in style and quality standing apart from each other in their ranges of furnishings fabrics.

The Original Morris & Co. Fabrics

Manufacturing fabrics in factories based in the North West of England, the company have a history in the industry dating back to the early 1880s. With designs harking back to this period when William Morris revived the indigo discharge print method, you will find exquisite fabrics from Morris &  Co. with beautiful printed and embroidered designs, whether replicas of originals or contemporary twists. From Morris & Co. you will find a wide range of fabrics from woven tapestry to printed linens, silk embroideries and airy trails.

Suppliers: A link on the website will allow you to search for stockists near your location. You can also browse through the fabrics on the website, order a sample and search for a retailer for a specific design. If you’re redecorating a room, this function is great as it also links you to complementary products from the wallpaper and fabric ranges made by Morris & Co.


Based in the North West of England and manufactured in the same factories as Morris & Co., Harlequin fabrics are at the cutting edge of modern style. Providing a wide range of designs in bold, contemporary colours or subtle elegance, you will be able to transform any room with their fabrics.

Suppliers: As with Morris & Co., there is a link to search for a retailer in your area and the opportunity to order samples of materials direct from the manufacturer.


Specialising in the manufacture of furnishing fabrics, you will find an extensive range of luxurious fabrics from Zoffany. As you would expect, the choice in design, materials and colours is varied and the quality of the fabric will be evident in your finished furnishings.

Suppliers: Retailers can be found near your area using the search function. Browse through the range of materials online and take advantage of the opportunity to order samples direct from the manufacturer.


Beginning its manufacturing journey in 1919, Sanderson first produced printed designs on cotton. Today they produce a much larger variety of furnishing fabrics including jacquard, embroideries, sheers, silk and more. Creating a classic, elegant style through shape and colour, Sanderson fabrics emanate contemporary design.

Suppliers: Again, a visit to Sanderson’s website will allow you to search for retailers and browse through fabrics with the option of ordering samples.


Beautiful, bold and distinctive, Scion fabrics are created with unique colours and patterns creating a feeling of freshness in a modern living space. As well as being appealing in design, these fabrics are also more affordably priced than others in the Walker Greenbank brands.

Suppliers: You won’t only find these fabrics in bigger retailers but also in smaller stores dotted around the country. To find a supplier of Scion fabrics, use the search facility on the website.

  2. Josery Textiles Ltd.

Based in Nottingham, England, Josery Textiles Ltd is definitely a supplier of British-made fabrics. The company manufactures and supplies knitted leisurewear fabrics for industrial and personal use. Established in the 1930s, it is still a family run firm with a small number of employees. Specialising in knitted fabrics, they have a wide range of jersey, sweatshirt fabric and others that can be manufactured as required. In addition to these fabrics, they can also make matching collars and cuffs.

Suppliers: To get hold of these fabrics, you need to go straight to Josery Textiles. Either order your fabric online and pay via PayPal or contact the company directly via email.

3.  Moon

Supplying Britain with Wool fabrics since 1837, Moon has its roots in creating fabrics for clothing. Well known for unique design and quality in material, the trusted manufacturer now has a range of furnishings fabric in addition to the range of apparel. The company website is well worth a visit, not only to browse through the fabrics but also to read about the benefits of wool and the history of Moon. The fabrics are traditional in quality and design and can be reliably used for all clothing from jackets, skirts and hats to footwear!

Suppliers: Moon’s website has an online store allowing you to browse through the fabrics and purchase them directly. The only stipulation is that the minimum purchase is 1 metre but all fabrics are available for both industry and personal use.


I have to mention Croft Mill as they list all their British made fabrics with a Union Jack making it easier for you to find those materials that are Made at Home.

So, despite the evident decline in manufacturing of fabrics in Britain, you’ll be pleased to know that excellent quality materials are still available via both the internet as well as from a range of retailers. With skills and craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations of fabric manufacturers coupled with techniques that are evolving in design and production, to incorporate eco-friendly systems, the quality of British Made Fabrics is getting better with time. #ProudtobeBritish.


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