Colour into your Crafting 

Incorporating Colour into your Crafting 

Adding colour to your crafts can be such a simple way of personalising your projects.

When you think about colour what springs to mind? Do you think bold? Single colours? Multi-colours? Subtle? Pastels?

Options for incorporating colour are extensive and will give you opportunities to create the perfect tone and style for your project.

Choosing your Colours 

If updating your wardrobe is a high priority on your project list, you may want to take a peek at the fashion trends for Winter 2016/17 as featured in the latest fashion events. Alternatively, if home accessories are more your cup of tea, the Telegraph’s list of top 20 interior trends for this Winter could be an interesting read.

When planning your project, it’s important to think carefully about the effect that you’re hoping to create. Are you going to use contrasting, harmonious or maybe complementary colours? Is one colour going to be more prominent than another? Perhaps you’re planning to use different tones or shades of the same colour.  If you need some help deciding, follow this link to have a comprehensive explanation of colour combinations.

Ways to Incorporate the Colours

Once you’ve planned your colours, your next step is figuring out how to incorporate them into your project. Here’s a few ideas to start you off.


Probably the most obvious choice, using a combination of various coloured fabrics is a simple method. You can create some great looks using a range of techniques. Patchworking is one of the most popular techniques, for some fantastic pattern ideas try reading through some of the posts by Janet Goddard or you could try using patchwork-printed fabric! As well as using the wide range of colours and patterns available, there is also the option of using various textures to achieve your desired style.



Using buttons is a really versatile way to add colour to your crafting and allows you to be spontaneous with your creativity. From choosing single coloured buttons to add detail to your garments, to selecting vibrantly patterned buttons and on to arranging them to make images, the possibilities for creations are endless. Visit The Button Company’s website for an extensive range of buttons. If you’re thinking of adding images but needed some inspiration, there are a few ideas on the Baker Ross website about making button pictures on canvas. You can easily adapt these to use on your sewing projects. Make at 140 vauxhall st has good ideas for adding button detail to Summer tops which you could use for inspiration to use in other seasons.


‘Tis the season of sparkle and sequins are trending right now. Thinking about using sequined fabric? This video tutorial from Guthrie-ghani gives some fantastic tips on cutting and sewing the fabric and Lauren has also blogged instructions for making a glitzy glam sequin top.

If you’re using plain fabric, sequins are great for adding a subtle sparkle and eye-catching colour. Like buttons, they’re versatile, easy to manipulate and give freedom to your creativity. Mastering the technique for attaching individual sequins is easy and explained fully in this post from Sew Mag. Alternatively, you could use strips of sequins like the bedding featured in this blog from Cousins Furniture.


With delicacy and intricacy at your fingertips, using ribbons to add colour will have you completely tied up in your project. Ribbons are available in amazing varieties of colours and fabrics, can be soft, smooth, rough, rigid… there’s a ribbon for every season and every occasion! At Jean Means there are some brilliant ideas about how to use ribbon in your crafting. Adding ribbon detail to clothing may seem a little daunting but The Effortless Chic have nailed it with style with their Diy Ribbon Trim Boucle Jacket.



There is something about applique that cries out individualism, and it’s a perfect way to add colour. Create a template for your design that suits the season and purpose. This post from Hobby Craft on How to Make a Felt Applique Cushion is a favourite for using several of the suggestions we’ve made to add colour to your crafts. Featuring applique, contrasting threads, buttons and sequins, it’s a perfect example of their simple effectiveness.



Threads are a fantastic vehicle for adding colour to your crafting. Available in an array of colours and thicknesses, you’ll be spoilt for choice. William Gee sews it up in this article, versus contrast stitching or careful colour matching. In short, the thread you choose to use can make or break your finished project. Beginning with simple straight-stitching, the part your threads play in the detail of your sewing is up to you. Depending on the functions of your machine, you may want to add embroidery – letters, pictures or patterns. Or you could be sewing by hand. There are many hand stitches you could use, such as cross stitch or embroidery  in your sewing. The right choice of colour for a blanket stitch, for example, can turn a nicely made craft item into an impressively eye-catching one!


Fabric Paints 

Having had bad experiences with fabric paints and t-shirts as a child, I literally shudder at the thought of using them now. However, Wrapped Up In Rainbows shares a tutorial to customise a jumper using fabric paints that makes using them look fool-proof and the result is real style. Using transfers to mark out the design, adding the paint is just a case of drawing over the template. Although this design is completed using black paints, depending on the style you’re looking for, you could use multiple colours, a single colour to enhance a feature such as the window or door frames.

Hopefully the suggestions have been helpful for you. Don’t forget to let us know if you try out any of these methods, or if you have your own methods that we haven’t listed here.

We love to hear about your makes so let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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