Fun DIY Sewing Projects from UK Craft Bloggers

Sewing is all about creativity. And what better way to express your own creative flare than with some fun DIY sewing projects.

I certainly had fun finding these – let us know in the comments if you enjoyed making them!

  1. Homemade Fabric Bread Basket

Looking beautiful on your dining table, this homemade bread basket has the flexibility to be as small or large as your family needs it to be. Catching the eye as well as the crumbs, it’ll set off the “homemade” vibe. In clear, easy-to-follow steps, Adoorabell shows you how to make a basket that, if you don’t want to use for bread, can be used for a multitude of other things around the home or office!

  1. Beautiful Fabric Posie

Perfect for special occasions such as weddings, this stunning fabric posie makes a wonderful gift and keepsake. In a fantastic tutorial shared by Want that Wedding, all the subtle details you need to lovingly create a unique accessory are included – and you can easily adapt the theme by choosing an alternative fabric.

Creative tip: You could adapt this design to create a table centre piece, accessories for your bags or cute hair clips for children.

  1. Tooth Fairy Cushion

Imagine the squeals of excitement as a newly lost tooth is deposited in the pocket of the cushion in anticipation of what the tooth fairy might leave! Capture the magic with this Tooth Fairy Cushion from Handmade Jane. It is absolutely adorable for boys and girls alike! Easy to coordinate with the bedroom colours and theme or to stand out as a special item, you’ll love making it as much as the children will enjoy using it!

  1. Make Your Own Coasters

This is an absolutely great way to subtly add a splash of colour to your home or continue a theme while expressing your individual taste. Sew and So Ideas shares the idea on their website and include a downloadable PDF pattern. These coasters have a harvest theme, which is perfect for the time of year, but can easily be adapted if you wish.

  1. Lavender Sachet

Wonderful as a gift and fun to make. Small enough to fit into a drawer of clothes or under a pillow, it’s delicate corners and hidden seams take patience and care to create but the result is perfection. From Flossie Cakes, the Lavender Sachet’s beautifully neat design will make it a loved accessory as it creates a calm, refreshing atmosphere to any area of the home. Lavender is well-known for its healing properties, follow this link to find out about them.

  1. 20-minute Peg Bag

A simple and quick project from Plush Addict, the 20-minute Peg Bag Tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions to make a peg bag with just enough detail to make it attractive as well as purposeful. Although you won’t have precise measurements, you’ll be guided to create a peg bag the right size for your coat hanger – and the number of pegs you need use!

  1. Jersey Headband

This is brilliant! A stretchy, versatile jersey headband that avoids the difficulty of using elastic. What more could you want from a headband – it keeps your hair under control, protects you from the sun and looks fantastic! I particularly love the photograph of Scruffy Badger Time’s Winnie obviously having a lot of fun as she models it! The bright and cheerful example oozes creativity, but if you don’t fancy that, jerseys come in a variety of colours and designs so it’ll be easy to adapt to your style.

  1. Upcycled Denim Bag – Recycled Jeans


Most of us have a pair of those worn out jeans that have seen better days but we love too much to throw away. Thanks to Sew Different, you don’t have to! You’ll be eager to try making this Upcycled Denim Bag and add your own detail to make it even more personal. If you prefer pictorial instructions, this tutorial isn’t going to be perfect for you but it won’t take much reading, the steps are clearly laid out and you’re definitely going to enjoy holding on to those well-loved jeans!

  1. Easy Elastic Waist Skirt

Another delight from Handmade Jane, the Easy Elastic Waist Skirt tutorial will have you grabbing for your sewing supplies. A skirt that is easy to make without the tricky sewing of a waistband and that looks amazing. Using patterned elastic adds to the creativity of the project – and increases the fun element! Alternatively, switching it around to use plain elastic and patterned fabric, as Scruffy Badger Time demonstrates, also has a great effect.

  1. Fabric Bookmark

Fed up of bookmarks falling out of your books? There’s not many things more frustrating than watching helplessly as the bookmark leaves the last page you read! This great fabric bookmark design from Fiery Phoenix comes very close to eliminating the problem altogether with its elastic wrap around detail. Simple and fun to create and easy to personalise, this purposeful project will make reading even more relaxing – and your books will look great too!

  1. Felt Owl Baby Mobile

There’s something incredibly fun about making mobiles for babies, possibly imagining the gurgles and kicks of excitement as baby watches the movements. Peacock Crafts has the cutest Felt Owl Mobile design which includes owls, moons and starts, and also features a helpful, downloadable guide for cutting out the shapes. It’s a great tutorial to follow and includes suggestions to adapt your own design to make it completely unique.

  1. Country-House Style Bolster

Step-by-step instructions from My Fabrics, guide you through the process of choosing your filling, measuring your material and creating your perfect bolster. Extra details in the ribbon ties and subtle applique increase the cushion’s eye-catching elegance adding a delicate touch to your home as you enjoy its comforting support.

  1. Tassel Cushion

Such a simple way to add colour to your room without sacrificing class. Easy to make and complete with options for versatility of colour. If you already have tassels, this is a great project for using them up. But don’t panic if you’re tassel supply is low or non-existent, the tutorial comes complete with instructions for making them.

Have fun trying out these projects in Wunderlabel UK – and remember to let us know in the comments about the ones you make!


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