Fun Autumn Sewing Patterns

With the arrival of Autumn comes a new range of sewing projects to welcome the new season. From decorating your home with warming colours to accessorising your outfits, the list of ideas should keep you busy. As the colder weather sets in the temptation to take on comfortable, warming sewing projects is too great to resist! Also, It’s a great season for having fun with your sewing as you can make fun decorations and accessories to celebrate festivals like Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Christmas and others.

In the Home


  1. Quilted Coasters

Quick and simple to make, this coaster tutorial will help you to use up unwanted scraps of material as you add autumnal colours to your home. I love the suggestion to try out some freestyle stitching as a trial run for bigger quilting projects or just for fun – it’ll make your coasters unique and give you a good idea of the effect of the stitching.

Creative tip: If you want to add even more of an Autumnal feel to your coasters, try some applique.

  1. Autumn Fruits Applique Quilt

Cosiness and attractiveness go hand in hand in this project. Warming for those chilly Autumn nights, the Autumn Fruits Applique Quilt combines the colours and shapes of nature bringing the outdoors into your home without inviting in the cold. The design is beautiful and if fruits don’t suit your tastes, you can easily change the appliques to include other Autumnal themes.

  1. Autumn Patchwork Cushion

This beautifully crafted patchwork cushion shared on Tea and a Sewing Machine guides you simply through each step, from creating the pattern to adding finishing touches. There’s even a link to show you how to create a covered button to match your cushion.

Personalise it: Choose your materials to celebrate the parts of Autumn you love the most.

  1. Tissue Box Cover

Unfortunately, with Autumn comes the need for tissues as the sneezy season is upon us. Instead of having a plain box sitting in your home, why not make a more attractive cover? Try making this beautiful cover shared by Thimblelane and explained in a well explained video tutorial. Neatly designed with just enough detail, the cover is perfect as it is or can easily be adapted. Choose a fabric to suit a festival for this time of year, complimenting other decorations in your home.

  1. Button Tree

Who can resist this fabulous button tree? Capturing the unique colours, shapes and sizes of nature, it hooks your imagination. You can create this simple but effective project yourself or with a child, introducing them to the wonderful world of creative sewing art! As it says on the tutorial, you can easily make these to suit each season. So why not begin with Autumn and create the remaining four depictions of the seasons and display your joint works of art as a feature in your home.

  1. Comfy Bean Bag

There’s something about a bean bag that oozes comfort and coziness as the weather starts to cool down. This tutorial from Prima provides easy-to-follow instructions to make a basic but perfectly well designed bean bag. You could choose fabric that is themed for the time of year, or alternatively, if you are feeling adventurous you could adapt the pattern to make your beanbag into a giant pumpkin!

  1. Kindle or E-Book cover

Absolutely love this design from Scruffy Badger Time. Who hasn’t reached for their kindle only to find that their glasses aren’t where they left them? Problem solved with the addition of the pocket to keep them safe. Even without this handy pocket, the design for the cover is fantastic. Padded to protect the device, embellished with ric rac and finished with a tab and button, it’s perfect for you or to give as a gift.

  1. Easy Fleece Throw

Another absolute must from Tea and a Sewing Machine – an easy fleece throw to keep you warm on those Autumnal evenings nestled on the sofa reading your favourite book or watching your favourite film. Actually, in my home, I’d be lucky to get my hands on this before my children grabbed it to wrap around them while they play. So as well as being loved by the whole family, a fleece throw will brighten up your room, complimenting your colour scheme as you splash its vibrancy on the sofa.

  1. Mug Cosy

As much as I love warming my hands around a hot mug, the shock against ice cold hands can be a bit too much. That’s why I’ve chosen this Mug Cosy from Sew Happy Geek as a fun Autumn project. Not only protecting delicate hands from nasty burns, a mug cosy can insulate your mug, keeping your drink hot for longer. Not forgetting the added bonus of being a unique way to brighten up and coordinate the tired mugs sitting around in your kitchen cupboards.

  1. Draught Excluder

You don’t need to be a meteorologist to know that it’s getting colder, and you don’t need to be a scientist to know that keeping the draughts at bay will keep your heating costs down. There are plenty of styles of draught excluders available but this one looks good in addition to being practical. Take a look at the instructions featured in the Guardian. Although there aren’t pictures of each step, the instructions are straight forward and include every detail – including telling you to press the fabric! You’ll be making a basic shaped draught excluder but you can add detail to it with embellishments or if you’re feeling adventurous, try curving the ends of the fabric and adding a piece of ribbon for a snake’s mouth and 2 buttons for its eyes.

Festive Fun


  1. Hallowe’en Pumpkin Basket

Studio shot of Halloween pumpkins and autumn leaves arranged on white background

With Hallowe’en just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to store the “tricks” and “treats”. The Hallowe’en Pumpkin Basket shared by Craft Passion looks almost as authentic as a real pumpkin but without the gungy bits inside! The tutorial has great pictures which will make it easy to follow. You’re going to love the finished basket, and while it’ll be fun to make the enjoyment will carry on as you put it to good use as part of your festive decorations.

  1. Witch’s Hat

Essential for Hallowe’en – a basic witch’s hat! Whether you’re dressing yourself, a child or making a costume for someone else, you’ll be able to make it fit perfectly with the instructions to customise the size. When you’ve finished with the maths, the cutting and sewing is the easy part. The added ribbon detail transforms it from a plain black hat into something a little more interesting and there’s even a link to a pattern to make the same hat to fit a child. So simple it could be magic!

  1. Christmas Bunting

Celebrating the Christmas season with subtle style, the Christmas Bunting tutorial includes a link to templates for the applique designs, making it even easier for you to enjoy creating your own unique version of these pretty decorations. You’re not limited to the appliques provided though, create your own designs or hunt out others to highlight the aspects of Christmas that make it special for you.

Finding fabric: If you need some help finding the right fabric for your Christmas project, check out this list of information on The Sewing Directory.

  1. Elf Hat Craft

Another fun one from Activity Village. Children of all ages will love seeing these elf hats hanging on the Christmas tree filled with your favourite sweet treats. The instructions included on the website can be made more basic so that you could carry out this craft with a child just by replacing the sewing with fabric glue! Try experimenting with different colours, elves are so creative in their toy making, they’re clothing can’t be defined to certain colours, right?

  1. Scrappy Christmas Stocking

What a brilliant idea for using up scraps of Christmas fabric. These Scrappy Christmas Stockings from Moda Bake Shop look incredible. The pictures included in the tutorial make it really easy to understand what you need to do to make your stockings look as good as the two in the photograph. It’s not easy to make matching items using scraps of fabric but with these instructions you’ll find out how to make coordinating stockings that complement each other although they’re different.

  1. Fireworks Bunting

Fireworks are prevalent at this time of year as we enjoy festivals of light, Christmas, New Year celebrations and Bonfire Night. Why not bring the outside celebrations in with this fabulous Firework Bunting? Although there are no templates to help with the cutting out, there are plenty of downloadable resources available on the internet to help you out. The idea for making the bunting is simple, so once you’ve decided on your shapes and sourced your templates (or created your own) you’ll be whizzing through creating your Firework decorations.

Fun Clothing and Accessories


  1. Faux Fur Scarf

Why not try making a cosy faux fur scarf to snuggle up to on your travels? As Handmade Jane says, the scarf will give you “instant warmth and chic” and the simplicity of the pattern will make it a fun project to work on. The fabric you use for the backing is your choice – you could choose a fabric that makes it warmer or a satin to make it chic. Great as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone else, this scarf is well worth a make!

Personalise it: Back it with a favourite colour or even add embellishments to the backing, or use hidden seams and make it reversible.

  1. Hand Warmer Muff

As the weather starts to get colder, keep your hands warm in style with a recycled sheep skin hand warmer muff. By Hand London has come up with a practical, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to keep warm this Autumn and Winter. And as the blog says, it’s much easier to check your phone for messages when you’re using a muff than it is if you’re wearing gloves. If you haven’t got an old sheepskin coat hanging around in your wardrobe, check out the local charity shops.

  1. Evening Bag

‘Tis the season for get-togethers and parties. Forget about hunting the shelves for the perfect bag to match your outfit for the occasion, the Sewing Directory has very kindly shared a free tutorial to make your own Evening Bag. Featuring a magnetic snap fastening, a beautifully plaited handle and a simple flower, if you choose your fabric carefully, the bag can perfectly compliment your party outfit and will definitely catch the eye of other guests.

  1. Warming Slippers

Make your feet happy with a gorgeous pair of made-to-measure, fleece-lined slippers. The video instructions from Simple Sewing couldn’t be more detailed or easier to follow. Not only explaining how to sew the slippers but also including step-by-step instructions to create your own paper pattern so you can make them time and time again to fit like a glove.

Personalise: If you’re looking for a fun pair of slippers, make them the same way as the video with big button embellishments. Alternatively, if you’re hoping for a more delicate result, choose lighter material and finish with smaller buttons, bows or flowers.

  1. Fleece Hat with Ear Flaps

Keeping your ears warm in style this season, why not make yourself a Fleece Hat with Ear Flaps. Crafty Gemini explains the steps fully in her vlog, making it really easy for you to make your own perfectly cosy hat for the colder weather. To help you further, there are links included under the video which take you to downloadable PDFs for adult and child patterns. There’s a link to find fleece fabric too but this is only useful if you’re based in the US, for the UK try following this link.

I hope you find these ideas enjoyable. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

Let us know in the comments which ones you tried and give us your feedback in Wunderlabel UK.


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