Sewing and Technology Mix:Helpful Craft Apps for DIY Enthusiasts


ColorSnap by Shermin-Williams: This app, created by Shermin-Williams, is a great option for you to make the best color decisions. It’s available on both Android and iPhone.


Craftsy Tutorials App: Whether you are a novice or already an expert wanting to enhance your skills in crafting or weaving, Craftsy is the one for you. Join the millions of creative people who let their artistic side out to play.


Animated Easy Origami App: Learn the art of folding with the help of technology. The animated, easy origami app offers how-to videos that show you how to make beautiful origami designs.


Knitting And Crochet Buddy: This type of app is an all-in-one knitting and crochet project tracker which allows you to track multiple sewing projects. Knitting Buddy, which is available on iPhone and Android, has a row counter, repeat counter, project timer and note pages.


Craftgawker: If you want to be inspired then visit Craftgawker. This platform is a photo gallery that allows you to search and discover arts and crafts. You can also submit photos of your own handiwork.


Stitchminder: This seamstress-friendly app provides counters that can be used to track your sewing projects.


Makr: Create your own custom designs for your T-shirts, party decorations or wedding suites. This free app also allows you to transfer your own designs to your printer.


How Much Thread: This app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and the best thing about ‘How Much Thread’ is that it can calculate the approximate amount of thread you will be needing to finish your quilting project.


knitCompanion: knitCompanion is the best companion indeed! This app helps knitters finish projects faster, make fewer mistakes and create more techniques.


Quilting Calculator: Quilting Calculator by Robert Kaufman Fabrics is the app that every quilter should have. This handy calculator helps you estimate how much quilt material you will be needing.


Strides: You can set goals with this app. For instance, if your goal is to complete 5 fabrics by a certain date or you want to complete an average number of projects a week, just add your goal to the app and set how often you want to be reminded.


Skitch: This app lets you take a photo using your phone then add annotations, arrows and more.

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