Branding 101: Personalized Ribbon

“I know that small touches like care labels, hang tags and even printed ribbon can take your products to the next level.”

In this part of our Branding 101 series we’ll look at printed ribbon as a way to give your products a finished presentation. We’ve already looked at adding composite laundry tags to show your customers how to care for their items, as well as adding hang tags on your products on display.

Small finishing touches may be some of the first things your customer sees when opening a package or unwrapping a gift — and we all know that first impressions count! Using custom ribbon you can elevate even a super simple presentation and make people excited to unwrap and see what’s inside.

For example, I recently shipped a custom quilted pillow to a client in the mail. I chose a simple box, but made sure my item was wrapped in clean white tissue paper. For my store, I ordered black ribbon with silver text that says “Handmade in Washington, DC” with some stars that run between the letters. It complements my other branded touches, like my hang tag and woven label.

I lay the ribbon on the inside of the box, with the text facing down.

Next I add tissue paper, and on top of that I placed my product.

Then, we fold the tissue paper over to cover the product, followed by the ribbon on top to secure everything in place. If you can’t see your text or logo on the ribbon, make sure it was facing down when you first placed it in the box. Tie a simple bow and seal up your box.

When the customer receives their package they will know that you put a little extra care into getting it to them, and that can help create satisfied customers.

The same method can be used to display items in your shop or stands. I’ve folded some of my quilted pillow cases and tied them with ribbon. This makes them a more manageable size to look at as a customer, to place in a bag during a purchase, or ship for online orders.

I hope you enjoyed this series on Branding 101. I know that small touches like care labels, hang tags and even printed ribbon can take your products to the next level. It’s those kind of touches I appreciate in department stores and luxury shops, and they don’t cost a lot to do yourself!



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