2018 & 2019 Colour Trends


“Overall it’s a fun mix of sporty, elegant, classic and modern.”


We are officially nearing the end of 2017 and with that comes the industry’s predictions on colour trends.  These forecasts are important in all aspects of fashion and home decor and they are greatly influenced by data collected by the world’s leading colour experts.  In layman’s terms, the experts at Pantone gather all the colour trend data from trade fairs, fashion shows and design institutes and focus on the most popular colours for the upcoming 2 years.


With this information, an International Colour Analysis is created.  Also known as the E.C.S. or Essential Colour Summary, this guide highlights colour trends going into 2018 and 2019 for the fall and winter seasons.  The predicted theme has been identified as opposites attract, pairing metallics and earth tones, pastels with saturated jewel tones and neon with neutrals to name a few combinations. Overall it’s a fun mix of sporty, elegant, classic and modern.  




Pantone has divided the colour trends into 4 major groups.


Pastels and Reds

These colours range from the prettiest pastel mauve to rich jewel toned reds.  



Earthy Tones and Citrus

Fun and bright neon yellows and warm earthy tones like rust and copper are included in this group.



Cool Green-Blues and Shades of Green

Fresh turquoise and the deep colour of the sea dominate this group.  These exciting colours are paired with muted down colours such as olive and khaki.



Steel Blues and Purple

This spectrum of colour starts with beautiful steel blues and includes the deepest purples and lightest lilac.



We are excited to see what 2018 and 2019 brings!


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