13 Sewing Ideas for a Baby Shower [Infographic]



A handmade gift is always appreciated, but it’s something extra special when you bring something one-of-a-kind to a baby shower. Celebrate both parents-to-be and their coming bundle of joy with these 13 ideas for baby shower gifts you can sew!


1. Pacifier Clip

Help keep pacifiers off the ground with an easy to make pacifier clip! One end wraps around the pacifier’s ring and snaps in place, while the other can be clipped to Baby’s clothes or blanket. It’s too short to worry about tangling and keeps the pacifier close at hand even when it’s spit out.


2. Burp Cloths

No new parent would turn down a stack of these essentials, Use soft and absorbent fabric, like terry cloth or cotton chenille, stitched to a layer of something that will help keep it in place, like cotton flannel. The best shape for these cloths is a sort of kidney-bean design—a curve along one side helps keep it in place on the shoulder while the rest of the cloth provides some extra protection from the infamous baby spit-up.


3. Quilted Play Mat

If you haven’t quite got the time to do a full baby quilt, shake things up a bit with an adorable play mat. Use your favourite quilt blocks made from soft, baby-friendly materials and thick batting to create a comfortable place for baby to lounge.


4. Receiving Blankets

If you have a serger, you can whip up these blankets in just a few minutes, but even if you don’t, they’re one of the easiest and most practical baby gifts you can make. Choose a soft flannel for a blanket that’s comfy with just a bit of give. For something extra special, use minky fabric on one side to create a dual-textured blanket.


5. Dapper Baby Bibs

From bow-ties to funny sayings, bibs are a cute (and practical) gift that showcases your creativity. Be sure to use an absorbent fabric like terry cloth or flannel, and a secure way to keep the bib in place, like a snap or hook-and-loop fastener. After that, though, the sky’s the limit! Stitch on appliques or embroidery to add a little flair or create matching sets of bibs and burp cloths for an extra special gift.


6. Newborn Caps

Often, you’ll find knitted or crocheted baby caps given as newborn gifts, but why should sewists miss out on the fun? Use a knit fabric like polar fleece or cotton jersey, as they’re both soft and stretchy. If you’ve never worked with stretch fabrics before, this is an excellent beginner project; since it takes very little fabric and time to make, it’s easy to start over if you find you’ve made a mistake.


7. Baby’s Travel Bag

Because Baby can’t travel light! From spare clothes and nappies to bottles, toys, blankets, and more, it can be tough keeping track of all the equipment required just to leave the house. A spacious travel bag with plenty of pockets and dividers to keep everything in its place is just what new parents need to feel a tad more in control.


8. Sleep Sack

From swaddling-like snugglers to roomy gowns with room to wiggle, sleep sacks can be made to suit the preferences of all kinds of babies. Consider making a few in different styles so the new parents can experiment with what works best for their new arrival.


9. Bitty Baby Mittens

These perfect tiny covers pull double duty. First, they help keep Baby from accidentally scratching herself with her tiny nails, and second, they keep those tiny fingers toasty when the weather gets cold. All you’ll need are scraps of fabric, a bit of soft interfacing, and elastic to keep them gently in place.


10. Nursing Cover

For mums and babies who are more comfortable with a cover, there are plenty of designs that range from removable apron-style covers to sneaky (and chic!) designs that double as an infinity scarf when not in use.


11. Felt Mobile

Here’s a project that’s both adorable and perfect for getting rid of felt scraps. Decide on a theme for your mobile: animals, stars, flowers, or whatever suits your fancy. Cut your chosen shapes from felt, then stitch and stuff them for extra dimension. Embellish with additional felt appliques, or colourful stitching. Avoid adding anything like beads that could come loose and fall into the crib, posing a choking hazard.


12. Plush Toys

Baby might be a bit young yet to appreciate most toys, but the little one will adore a soft plush toy that he or she can hold and chew on without risk. Choose easily washable fabrics, preferably with no pile as these fibres can work loose and become a choking hazard. For the same reason, avoid using buttons, stuffed animal features, or beads as embellishment, instead opting to use fabric paint, marker, or embroidery to add a happy smile to your plush toy’s face.


13. Changing Mat

Another highly practical gift great for parents on the go! This roll-up mat turns a flat surface into a quick and easy changing table. Opt for vinyl or another water-resistant material that can easily be wiped clean and sanitized between uses and avoid lots of embellishment that could be tough to clean.

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