Sewing Blogs For Beginners

13 Sewing Blogs for Beginners

Sewing is a fun hobby and can even be a great way to make a little extra money, but it can also seem like an exclusive club to join. Sewists seem to have their own language–always going on about “grainline” and “bias”–and their sewing machines have so many bells and whistles it seems more like rocket science than sewing!

Not to worry. You can learn to sew even if you’re not sure which end of the needle to hold! All it takes is a bit of guidance, so we’ve assembled a list of 13 bloggers who can help you on your way. Ready to get started? They’ve got just the advice and tutorials to take you from beginner to pro in no time.

1. Merrick’s Art

Merrick White started her blog as a college student studying art, but her focus shifted when she found herself at home with her first baby. She started doing clothing refashions, using the projects to teach herself everything from the basics of garment construction to more advanced techniques. She shares her lessons for both refashioned projects and original pieces, including patterns she’s designed herself!

2. Tilly and the Buttons

Nope, it’s not a band (though wouldn’t that be a great name?). Tilly and the Buttons is the blog of Tilly Walnes, a UK based seamstress and sewing instructor who’s made it her mission to help beginners interested in sewing their own clothes. On her blog, you’ll find everything from the basics of choosing fabrics and sewing tools to detailed sew-along projects and the patterns that go with them.

3. Annika Victoria

For fashion with a conscience, turn to Annika Victoria. She teaches fashion-forward young stitchers to recreate their favorite high-end fashion (plus completely original looks) in more sustainable and socially-conscious materials. With a quirky personality and straightforward approach, Annika even has an entire section devoted to beginners’ tutorials on her site!

4. Sew Can She

With a busy family and a sewing room filled with projects in the works, Caroline of Sew Can She still finds time to help beginners get started in sewing. Her blog is filled with tutorials for crafty sewing projects, perfect for gifts, decorating projects, organizing, and more. She also offers lessons in quilting and features a different mini-quilt project each month.

5. HowToSew.Com

A resource from the folks at Better Homes and Gardens, is a fantastic site for those just getting started in sewing. Here you’ll find posts sorted by what you want to accomplish. Need to mend a shirt or hem some pants? There’s a section just for mending tips. Want to know more about choosing fabrics, or how to pair colors and patterns? You’ll find tips for that too!

6. Sew Mama Sew

Whether you learn best via videos or step-by-step instructions, you’ll find it all on Sew Mama Sew. It probably helps that both owner Kristin Link and managing editor Beth Wilson were educators before turning their talents to blogging. From quilt blocks to bags, the projects on offer will help you build your skills and gain confidence as you sew.

7. So Sew Easy

While this site has a wealth of references for beginners–think video tutorials, patterns, sew-alongs, and even a helpdesk–you’ll also find plenty to keep you busy as you start to improve your skills and move to more advanced projects. It offers more variety than some sites–rather than being limited to garment work or craft projects, you’ll find both, and more besides!

8. Sewalongs

Taught by the team of sewing experts from Colette Patterns, the Sewalongs site is exactly what it sounds like–detailed tutorials that you sew alongside your instructors and fellow students. Each tutorial is for a different Colette Pattern and comes complete with sections on fabric and supplies, adjusting the fit, creating a test muslin, sewing your garment, and even a place to share your creation when you’re done!

9. The Sewing Geek

Meghan was a chemist before turning her technical know-how in a new direction: patterns and sewing! Pattern drafting is an art unto itself, so if you’re not quite ready to take that dive in addition to learning your sewing techniques, Meghan is here to help! In addition to pattern and alteration tips and tricks, you’ll find exercises for basic sewing projects perfect for getting your new hobby off the ground.

10. Whip Stitch

Deborah came to sewing in a roundabout way–she started as a teacher, then went on to become an archeologist before switching things up yet again to become a full time sewist and instructor. Her experiences make her an ideal teacher for those just getting started. Her blog offers tips, tricks, and tutorials, but if you’re looking for something more in-depth, you’ll also find full-blown classes (both in person and online) to register for.

11. Blog for Better Sewing

Despite her signature vintage flair, Gertie’s not your grandma’s seamstress! Her tutorials (plus her books and patterns) can help any stitcher get started in creating gorgeous dresses designed to fit your unique shape. For even more ideas and inspiration, follow her on social media!

12. Made Every Day

Dana is a crafter, sewist, and fabric enthusiast from Austin, Texas, whose tutorials focus on making fun, everyday items. Not only are these practical projects to hone your sewing skills on, they’re also far more unique and customized than their storebought counterparts! From gift and decorating ideas to projects for the kids, there’s something for everyone at Made Every Day.

13. Sew Over It

Lisa is a UK-based sewist who fell in love with sewing at a young age. After pursuing a career in design, she began to realize that outside the fashion industry, sewing had become something of a lost art, and so Sew Over It was born. Its aim was simple: teach as many people as possible how to sew. With a YouTube channel, detailed tutorials, and even options for online classes, you can hone your skills or learn plenty of new ones!


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